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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Headaches, Focus, and Weight Loss

It's been awhile since I've posted. Life with no internet at home will do that I guess.

Coming up with specific instances when I use essential oils is often a bit difficult because I use them every single day for many different things!

A few things I can think of recently are:

The other day, my sweet husband came home from class in tears because his head hurt so bad. He laid down and just asked me to make it better. I grabbed the lavender, peppermint, vetiver, and Balance. A put a small drop on each temple and swept a drop across his forehead. Within 5 minutes he was up, smiling, and ready to go out to dinner. Even after several years with these oils, I'm still in awe at how quickly they work and what a huge difference they make.

If I have a prep period, it's not always a productive hour of grading, planning, etc. But, if I diffuse InTune during that time, I stay focused and get loads more done! I'm amazed every time I do it. I actually get caught up with everything I need to do and I even find my desk!

Weight Loss:
In January, I signed up for the Slim and Sassy contest at This is my second time in the contest. Last year, when I signed up, I didn't stick with my goals and ended up dropping out. This year, I vowed to do it right. Weight loss has always been a struggle for me. Being insulin resistant the last several years has made it all the more difficult. I can't do the fad diets that drop weight fast (which, I know, that's actually better for me that I can't do those). I have to work SUPER hard at losing weight. Even at full concentration, it doesn't happen like I want it to and it certainly doesn't melt off like it does for others. I've spent years focusing on numbers. My weight was this number, my measurements were those numbers, my BMI was that number, my ideals were these numbers far from the other numbers. Blah! It never worked for me. I was always discouraged and disheartened by the numbers. It didn't matter how hard I was working, how far I was running, how much weight I happened to be losing, the numbers made my focus skewed and it was never enough.
This time, the numbers are there, but they are blurry. I allow a brief, crisp focus on them about once a month and then blur them back out. My focus is on how I'm feeling, how I'm breathing, my energy levels, my happiness gage. This has made a HUGE difference! My number goals, starting January 15th and going through April 30th are go lose 15 pounds and bike 350+ miles. Actually, the mileage goal was by the end of May, but after looking at those goals the other day, I am very clearly going to make it to 350 miles by the end of April, a whole month early! Whoo!
So, what have I done? Every morning I take 3-5 drops of Slim and Sassy oil in a capsule along with the Life Long Vitality vitamins, my oils for female issues, and OnGuard to prevent sickness. For breakfast I have a Slim and Sassy Trimshake or hard boiled eggs (gotta have the protein!). I have a small bit of trail mix for a snack a few hours later. All day, I'm drinking water with grapefruit oil, and either lemon or wild orange oil (this took a while to work into my taste, but I like it now). I eat a normal lunch and dinner, but I try to eat until I'm full, not bursting. Every evening, I take another capsule of Slim and Sassy oil- I had to set an alarm on my phone to remember to do this one. I'm eating healthier than I used to, though I'm far from perfect on this and still have the occasional Taco Bell and such.
For exercise, I knew I had to change my thoughts. I sincerely began to dislike the gym after all of my former attempts at health and weight loss. Running hurts for a really long time before it becomes even a little enjoyable for me, so I knew that was out. Getting up before work to work out was SO not going to happen. After work I had to have dinner or I'd sugar crash, and after dinner I never wanted to go work out. Excuses, excuses, I know! But, they were sincere and imbedded ones. I saw no reason to have to be miserable to get healthy. That doesn't make sense for me. It won't stick. Hence, my track record.
So I decided to buy a bike and a trunk bike-rack. I work 3.9 miles from my home. My husband drops me and my bike off every morning. I teach all day and then change after school, hop on my bike and ride those 3.9 miles home. This is built-in exercise. Do I want to get home? Yes. Then I have to bike to get there. Ok, so I thought this was going to still be a slightly annoying, ugh I have to work out, kind of thing. But, it turns out, I LOVE IT! I love being out in the fresh air and sunshine, I love being on my bike and riding mile after mile, I love jamming to my music or listening to a book or just thinking! I've added longer Saturday bike rides to my week and I look forward to those! Every week, I bike almost 30 miles now. I didn't expect to enjoy it, but here I am, loving it! What a difference! It's not a chore to exercise, I don't hate it, I'm not miserable. What a relief!
At this point in my journey, I've lost at least 8 pounds (haven't checked since Feb. 15th and won't check again until March 15th,) I've biked 149 miles as of yesterday, I feel happier, I'm sleeping better, I'm breathing tons better, I can walk up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment without needing an inhaler, I'm feeling healthier, thinner, and just overall better.
Slim and Sassy and a bike have finally allowed me hope in my quest for health! Bring it on Slim and Sassy contest! I plan on winning! :)
Feel free to post questions or comments, link this page, etc. You may also email me with specific questions at
Happy oiling! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

doTERRA Living Magazine

In the most recent issue of doTERRA Living Magazine, I received a page dedicated to my comments and thoughts on using doTERRA oils in the classroom. My part is on page 12. The whole magazine is fabulous! Check it out! :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Female Specific Issues

Back in July, I posted this on a Facebook doTERRA group:
Alright, I need advice. My doctor wants to put me on Prometrium. It's hormone replacement stuff and that scares me. I have very irregular cycles and she's concerned that the lining might build up which can lead to uterine cancer. She also wants to put me on Metformin (which I've done before and will not do again) to be sure that my insulin levels are stable and because it helps have more regular cycles (which I didn't feel like it did for me anyway). She wasn't pleased when I told her I don't want to take meds. With the LLV and watching my food better I've got the insulin resistant stuff where I can handle it. I should probably be taking basil every day to optimize that though. My real question is, what can I do instead of Prometrium? Are their oils that will make sure the lining sheds regularly? Help please! has info on progesterone and quite frankly, the side effects scare me too much to do this. I need natural. I need safe. I need doTERRA... but first, I need help!
I posted a month later:
Just fyi on a good note... I'm never 'regular' and that's a huge part of why the doc wants me on the meds, but since posting this on the 18th I've been taking basil, Clary sage and Zendocrine everyday and using some Solace most days and viola! it's right on time this month. I wonder if I'll ever stop being totally amazed by these oils! :)
And a month later:
I'm going to have to blog this. I can't remember the last time in my life that I naturally had 3 months in a row! Certainly not since birth control messed with my body. Is it wrong that I want to go back to the Dr. to prove her wrong? :)
I've been using basil, Clary sage, rosemary and Zendocrine everyday internally and the Solace blend externally near my ovaries for about a week when I start feeling PMS and I know I'm about a week from starting. Besides the oils I no longer drink city water as it's recycled and full of things I don't want in me. This combination has done wonders for me.

What a fantastic relief to finally find regularity where I thought I'd never have it again. Now, I can finally start tracking my periods and ovulation so that when we're ready to get pregnant, it can happen. That will be later in life, and I'll be following the protocol of a few others who have used doTERRA throughout pregnancy and birth.

I thought I'd posted my dosage earlier- my apologies!
Internally in a capsule:
3-4 drops Basil
3-4 drops Rosemary
3-4 drops Clary Sage
3-4 drops Zendocrine
(I also use OnGuard, Frank. Lemon, and S&S but all of those are for other reasons).
I've done the Zendocrine as the dry capsule and as the oil- both ways seem to work the same for me.
I take these oils with my LLV every morning and the LLV at night. I take them all with a glass of water within a half hour before eating breakfast.

I use the Solace/ClaryCalm when I start feeling PMS about the week before and then for cramps during the week of. I'm not a huge fan of the smell, so I just roll it on my lower abdomen and let it sink in before getting dressed.
As always, if you have questions, email me.

My Dogs and Oils

I live in an apartment complex that allows pets. There are many dogs around and many, many cats. I hate taking my dogs out to do their business in the same place that all the other animals do.  But, such is my situation at the moment. So many germs are shared! With so many animals and all that they can carry with them, there are times that my dogs pick up a sickness going around. That makes things... well, gross. Previous to the brilliant idea to use my oils on them, their sickness would go on for sometimes weeks. Not only did I feel awful that my dogs felt so sick, but I had a lot of messes to clean up and I since some of those sicknesses can transfer to humans, I was also a little scared of what they could share with me.
I've learned that canines are more sensitive to the effects of the oils than humans, so I sparingly use them on my dogs. At the first sign of sickness, both of my dogs get OnGuard and DigetZen. I've tried a few different ways to apply these. One of my dogs, while she doesn't like the flavor of either oil, will sit and allow me to drop some down her throat. I've found that this is the quickest way for them to be back to full health. However, my other dog throws a major fit about this method and I've had to adjust. I've tried putting the oil in capsules and hiding them in cheese as a treat for them... they're smart and eat around the capsule and I find it on the floor later. No good. I've also tried diluting the oils and putting them on their bellies and feet. They don't love this either, but they don't lick them off since they don't like the taste. It's come down to what each dog will allow me to do. Either way, they both get oils when they're sick. It makes it a MUCH faster process with a whole lot less clean up.
I also use the oils on my dogs for other things. Daisy (the more tolerant of the two) often gets bit by ants on her belly. I put a drop of melaleuca and a drop of lavender on it for 2-3 days and the bright red swelling goes away. I've also used Purify to help relieve the itching and pain.
Sometimes Daisy is way too crazy (she's a cocker spaniel/ black lab mix) and her energy is a little high for a 3rd floor apartment. At these times, a drop of lavender on her belly will drop her energy levels and relax her and make her a cuddly dog. I did this at my parent's house a few weeks ago and they were all shocked to see Daisy go from booking it across the house to laying in my arms sleeping within 2 minutes.
These are just a couple of reasons I use oils on my dogs. If you want to know more, please feel free to email me with questions.

Here are Daisy and Max (a little blurry):

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Traveling Brought Sickness. doTERRA Brought Wellness.

On my recent vacation, I caught who-knows-what from being on several airplanes and in several airports. Normally, I would have been downing the OnGuard to prevent this but had run out of the small amount I brought with me before our return flights. (Lesson learned there.)
I ended up with a swollen, sore throat, achy ears, and a slightly swollen tongue, followed by an obnoxious keep-me-awake-all-night cough. Yay for traveling! 
To soothe my sore tongue and throat, I dropped a few drops of OnGuard directly onto the pained areas in my mouth. Immediately, I could feel the oil go exactly where the infections were, all the way into my ears! I've also been using Deep Blue Rub on the outside on my throat, and neck particularly on the swollen gland areas to lessen the swelling. This allowed me to finally get to sleep!
Then, to soothe my ears and make sure the I didn't end up with a wicked ear infection, I took part of a cotton ball, put a drop each of Purify, Lavender, and Melaleuca on it and put it in my ear overnight. My ears are a bit sensitive, so I did have to take the cotton out and put some fractionated coconut oil around where the oils were to soothe a tiny bit of irritation. This worked wonderfully and did not change the power of the oils. I've had to do this twice in the last week and within a few minutes I can feel the difference.
I've also been taking OnGuard and Oregano oil in a capsule 1-2x a day to kill any sickness still running around inside of me. I've been doing this about a week now. 
Now, the cough is the kicker. It's been putting up a fight. Once my throat and glands were relaxed enough for me to sleep, then the cough was waking me back up! After a bit of research and trial runs, I found what works for me: 2 drops of Breathe on my chest, 2 drops of Eucalyptus on my chest, a drop of Eucalyptus on the bottom of each foot, 1-2 drops of Sandalwood on my chest, 1-2 drops of OnGuard down my throat. I did this for a few nights in a row until the cough subsided to just a few small coughs here and there. Now I'm just using a drop each of Breathe, Eucalyptus and Sandalwood on my chest before I fall asleep and I'm sleeping soundly without the cough and I'm not waking up congested and hardly breathing. It's fabulous!

I love how empowered I feel with doTERRA essential oils. I don't have to go to Urgent Care or the ER when my throat, ears, or anything else hurts. I don't have to take a medication that only allows me a few hours of relief at best, takes an hour to work, and can only be taken a few times a day (not to mention the many side effects that can, and often do, come with medications). Instead, my health is in my hands. I can fix the problem instead of covering the symptoms. I'm grateful to have doTERRA in my life!

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to email me at and visit

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cassidy's Story

Here is Cassidy’s story as told from her mother:
Today my daughter is a very different child than she was about 4-5 weeks ago. Cassidy is 10 years old and just passed the 3rd grade. I have had Cassidy in speech/language/OT/behavior therapy ever since she was 2 years old. I knew something was not right with her. I read articles on Autism not to see if she had it, but to prove she didn’t. I convinced myself that she was not autistic because she had eye contact and was a very loveable girl. She had heart surgery at 5 months old to insert a coil to close a hole. She also had 2 febrile seizures at 18 months and 30 months. The first seizure she did turn grey and we thought she was dying. We had no idea what a febrile seizure was at the time. We were flying in an airplane and they called it a gran mal seizure as we went into an emergency decent to meet the paramedics in Kansas City. Scott and I thought her heart coil had slipped and was traveling into her body causing the seizure and she would be dying shortly. Thank God, this was not the case and she recovered quickly. Due to this surgery, the seizures and a bad fall down the wooden stairs (with concussion) we had no idea what was causing her delays. Her heart doctor had us see a genetic doctor and have a few tests to rule out any disorders. Actually, twice two different doctors did these tests. Both times, all the genetic tests came back normal. Last year 2010 we went to see a highly recommended neurologist at Miami Childrens Hospital. After meeting with us-reading teachers reports, IQ reports she concluded Cassidy is on the Autism Spectrum scale. In March of last year 2010 she had 2 IQ reports that scaled our Cassidy on the mental retarded range. Both administrators of the tests felt like she could score higher but her anxiety and lack of attention… but how much higher, no one could tell us. Her scores were in the 40-50’s, low normal is 90. As a parent we were thankful to have an answer, but sad with this diagnosis at the same time. Over the years we have seen natural doctors and therapist and spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to find a diagnosis or even a “cure.” Cassidy has problems with friends picking on her because she tries so hard to be a friend and she often repeats herself over and over. She has the best heart but kids are kids and say what they see. At the end of the school year last year 2010 all the teachers could say was her lack of attention causes her to not be able to learn.

So, to begin her 3rd grade year her neurologist recommended Aderall. We were very reluctant to this but wanted to help our daughter. First before trying this medication, we tried natural methods but saw no change. So, we went with the Aderall 5mg and did see a difference. Her teachers were pleased with her attentiveness. It didn’t really change her academic scores dramatically but it helped a little. I met with her teachers a few months ago in March 2011 and she still was on the 1st grade level and her reading was NOT even on the Lexile table yet. She should have been on lexile score table in Kindergarten. She was still unscorable in March. This time at the end of the year meeting all the teachers said was that while her attention was fine now her anxiety levels were keeping her from learning. They said how delayed she was and that really she was not learning much. She was making progress but it was small baby steps. This meeting lasted 3 hours! She was paying attention now, but was filled with anxiety. They counseled with an autism specialist and she recommended that we put her in an all autistic classroom, which would hopefully cut down her anxiety levels and permit her to learn. This was the hardest hit I have had to deal with so far. I cried for 3 days! My husband didn’t understand why this was so hard to deal with, nothing changed, Cassidy was still the same girl. But it was like putting a nail in her coffin of leading a somewhat normal life. This may not be correct but this is how I felt at the time. After much thinking and crying- Finally, I decided that it was ok if my daughter was not going to be a college student and I was ok with that. I figured out that while academics are not her “thing” she is incredible at sports. I can provide her with lessons to find her sport and see where that goes for her. Who knows maybe she could be the next pro tennis or golf player?? About this time I got an email from a lady (who I had previously ordered a few essential oils from) about a baby that was very ill and how essential oils dramatically helped and even helped cancel a surgery she was scheduled for already. I had gotten a recent update on this little girl and a little bell rang in my head. I really wanted to help Cassidy with her anxiety. If these can save this girl from a surgery, surely this could help Cassidy with anxiety. I had NO dreams of helping her autism at this time- I just wanted to help her not feel so scared. I wrote the lady Jennifer and told her a sort version of Cassidy’s story. She recommended a few oils from a book which she also recommended for me. The company she represents is DoTerra oils. They are super pure strong therapeutic essential oils. She has so much information and was very helpful. I ordered a few oils listed below
1. Balance- to balance body/brain
2. Frankincense- an ancient oil with too many benefits to list (check out google)
3. Vetiver- anxiety
4. Serenity- calming

So, my daily schedule was to put Balance on her temples- 2x a day, Frankincense on the bottom of her feet 2x a day, Vetiver on her back of her neck at the hairline 2x a day and diffuse serenity in morning before school and as she sleeps. Plus her aderall 2.5mg in the mornings (which wears off they say after 4-5 hours)

I had an appointment with her neurologist after starting the oils, probably about 10 days into using them. She noticed a difference in Cassidy. She said she is so much more awake and into our conversation. She was pleased with her changes and noted them in her chart. I told her the school wanted her in an all-autistic classroom and upon these new observations, she highly disagreed and encouraged me to not do this. I didn’t really know what to do or how to do this, so I didn’t do anything yet about this but keep giving her the oils. I figured I would go to the school and talk with them and observe the classrooms.

I started the oils about 3 weeks after the school told me they wanted her in an all-autistic classroom. Two weeks 14 + days after starting the oils I got a call from the school that they wanted to meet again. At this meeting they said there has been a dramatic difference in Cassidy and she is making HUGE progress. They now wanted to cancel our orders to put her in an all-autistic classroom and keep her in the regular classroom. Her teacher told me how she was working on a science project of the solar system all by her self and doing it! She was progressing in reading. She was raising her hand in class and getting the answers right. At playground time she was playing with friends and not hanging out with the teachers. The friends were noticing a difference too and responding well to her now. I actually got a phone call from the IEP area coordinator on the phone after the meeting and she said she actually went after this meeting to observe Cassidy because she too was blown away by the reports to not see this first hand. She said she HAD to call me with what she witnessed because she too was amazed. She said, “Carrie, I find it hard to believe that this is the same child I personally observed 5 weeks ago.” So, now Cassidy was staying at this school next year and in a regular classroom. This alone thrilled me. I tried to tell them I was using these oils, but they blew me off and said sometimes things just click. I knew this was what they wanted to hear, so I let them believe that. I know it had to be these oils I was using because that is the only difference. Cassidy was still on Aderall but we lowered her from 5mg to 2.5 mg in the morning and had been on it for 1 year.
So, I kept up the oils and added a necklace that keeps the oil on it all day, so she could smell the Balance oil all day. I noticed her starting to do her homework by herself, reading books on her own, and writing her book summaries. None of these things were required of her in school because they knew she just couldn’t. Her curriculum was curved for her on her level which last March 2011- just a few months ago was 1st grade level. My IEP notes clearly state that level.

I got her report card with her SAT 10 testing last week and I am going to give her reports below. I am shocked! Her teacher said her last 2 months of school were night and day from the rest of the year. She told me today, Cassidy is ready to learn now! These are words I was resolved to never hear .. I just wanted her to be less anxious. Which by the way, she is MUCH less anxious- actually I wouldn’t say she deals with anxiety on a daily basis anymore, maybe more like every once in a while when she is in a new situation she gets a little nervous. But she gets herself out of it now too. There were times we didn’t go
to birthday parties because of her anxiety…days she stayed home from school.. days she threw up.. had hives, etc.

Ok, so here are our reports:

She is NOW on the lexile score-YEA…. her lexile number now is 400 (the numbers start at 200) 400 is graded for the end of 2nd grade. Remember 2 months before she was on a 1st grade level and unscorable.
On her SAT10 she was tested for a 3rd grader and she was being taught all year on a 1st grade level- So on this test she scored between 6-10%. The explanation says this- if she scored say an average 8%, that means she scored equal or higher than 8% of the students in the comparison group. Of course I would have LOVED her to get more like a 20-50%.. but you have to remember she was really only learning better the last 2 months of school and she was still being taught on a 1st grade level- so I think she did pretty darn good J

I am THRILLED with her progress and will never stop using these oils. I did sign up with the company to be a distributor- only to get a small discount. I am not trying to sell these oils. I paid retail for my first order- but since I will use them forever- it made sense for me to save some money.

I still see progress each and every day with her. Yesterday, she wanted to sing for us on the patio- she is not a performer at all.. we are lucky if she will sing happy birthday to others! Not only did she sing, but she danced and sang loud enough for maybe even a neighbor to hear...every day my daughter is opening up and becoming more and more typical for her age. I actually have academic goals for her during the summer and she is excited about them too. She knows what to do and does it on her own. She has become so responsible and with it, the last month of school she was laying out her clothes for the next day, and making her own lunch too.

I thank God every day for leading me to get that email from Jennifer and using DoTerra oils. There are other oils available on the market but DoTerra’s are therapeutic and most of them can be taken internally and soon I am going to start giving her Frankincense with some water and see what happens.

My parents were here recently to visit and were amazed with Cassidy’s changes. For them they noticed her moods were better. Before, which we just got used to, no one but me could talk to her in the
mornings. She fought everything and mostly I just tried to get her out of the house without a crying outburst or anger fit. Most of her behavior we curbed with my Family Plan and Consequence System which I explain in a book I wrote, Parent in Peace. I highly recommend implementing this system in your family for now and future situations. This I am trying to sell you J because it works! Plus it is on sale right now for the summer at

Please feel free to call me or email me with any questions. I would love to see more kids with “hopeless situations” like Cassidy be awakened with natural products like essential oils and fewer prescription drugs. We are going to try to take her off Aderall with her neurologists permission over the summer and see what happens after all she is on such a low dosage, most say it isn’t really doing anything.

Simple Healing

Simple Healing: Lavender and Melaleuca Essential Oils

These two oils are among my favorites for their across-the-board uses. I use them to heal anything from a pimple or hangnail to a massive cut, abrasion, or burn. They are great for their anti-inflammatory, soothing properties, their anti-bacterial/microbial properties, as well as their ability to keep scarring to a minimum.

My husband was in a car crash a few weeks ago and his arms were scraped, burned, and swollen from the airbags (thankfully, that and whiplash were all the injuries he suffered.) Below are pictures of his arms the day after the accident (and one application of the oils) and then a week later after applications 1-2x a day. His cuts and burns were soothed, the swelling was removed and they healed very quickly with minimum scarring.

Left Arm:

Right Arm: (I can't get the picture to flip the right way)